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Functionality and safety are main reasons why tradesmen have been putting their faith in the unique qualities of wedi building panels and boards for decades.

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Exclusive and inspirational design concept unites creative lines with natural forms, but continues to be just as simple and safe as any other wedi product.

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Meeting the increasing demand for wellness systems, we offer true support right from the initial idea and optimal planning to the sophisticated final product.

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Taking waterproofing to the next level

Bathroom Before Renovation
Bathroom Renovated with wedi Products
Bathroom After Renovation

We have all, at some stage, dreaded the waterproofing part of any project. Be it a brand new bathroom, ensuites or a renovating a shower we have been stuck with the old way, layers and layers of products, membranes, and days of waiting.

Well, no more, wedi is here, in Ringwood, Victoria. WSG Waterproofing Solutions is the specialist and partner in waterproof and directly tileable building panels, customizable shower systems and many more modular design systems made for tile and stone finishes.

We work closely with architects, builders, retailers and end-consumers for all their needs projects around wet room design and preparation. Ideal for new projects or renovations.

The wedi product system range is characterized by its main features: design diversity, modular simplicity in installation and reliability in application.

Builders and home owners value the system components, which are few in number, precisely coordinated to one another and synonymous with rapid and custom-fit assembly. wedi product systems are 100 percent internally waterproof.

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